Thursday, July 23, 2009

Flexibility Spurs Short-Term Travel Demand

More students are pursuing short-term study abroad programs at Penn State, but officials there think that the economy has less to do with that trend than does the flexibility that short-term offerings provide students.

Regimented majors don’t provide many Penn State students with many options for long-term study abroad, reports the Daily Collegian student newspaper. Paul Shaffner, the assistant to the director of study abroad there, says that's the biggest reason for increasing student interest in brief international courses.

Shaffner also thinks lower costs may be a draw for some students but that, overall, the poor economy hasn’t seemed to deter Penn Staters from studying outside the United States.

“Somehow people are considering this important,” he said. “Important enough to spend money during tough times to do it.”


  1. I agree to the Shaffner.Flexibility and the lower cost attracts more students to the Short term study abroad .


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