Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Falling Numbers Hit Syracuse’s Programs

Add Syracuse’s study-abroad program to the list of those struggling to keep up enrollments in recent months.

The New York university says total abroad enrollment is down 8.5 percent — from 2,287 to 2,093 — over the past year due to the recession, declining enrollments from non-Syracuse students and changes in the university’s budgeting system.

The upshot is that Syracuse’s study-abroad office is now $1 million in deficit for the year, and officials are looking for ways to make up that money.

“We tend to be among the more expensive of the programs, but that’s part of the quality we provide,” says Jon Booth, the executive director of SU Abroad. “In this down economy, people are struggling, and we think to some extent, people figure they can’t afford the quality. We have to prove the quality is worth it, and then provide more financial aid to make it possible.”

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