Tuesday, March 3, 2009

‘Get Them to Buenos Aires’

The Miami Herald’s Andres Oppenheimer chimes in with support of the Simon Foundation Study Abroad Act, reintroduced in the Senate last week. He’s particularly happy with the bill’s support of study abroad in nontraditional locations, such as central and South America.
While Latin American countries are among the leading U.S. trading partners, and a major destination of U.S. investments, only 4.2 percent of U.S. college students spend some time studying in Mexico, 2.4 percent in Costa Rica, 1.6 in Argentina, and 1.3 in Chile and Ecuador.

That’s a sad situation because people's experiences in college often mark their own — and their countries’ — future. It’s OK to have U.S. students going to London, or Rome, but it’s increasingly important to get them to Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Islamabad or Johannesburg.

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