Friday, April 10, 2009

French Strikes and American Students

Strikes at French universities during the spring have had an impact on students at Brown, Princeton, Georgetown and other American universities — and more is to come.

France 24 reports that teachers from preschool through university are planning massive April 28 marches throughout the country, and that may be followed by a May 1 general strike throughout the country reminiscent of the Jan. 29 and March 19 strikes that each crippled France for a day.

The university strikes are in opposition to the French government’s involvement with the Bologna Process that is leading to the standardization of higher education throughout Europe.

The general strikes by workers throughout the country are in response to the handling of the recession by President Nicolas Sarkozy’s government. The strike impact is being felt in the transportation and tourism industries, many of which cater to American students during the spring short-term travel course season.

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