Tuesday, April 7, 2009

On Strike in France

The words “French” and “strikes” go together about as well as “French” and “toast” — and Brown University students are getting a first-hand education this term in labor relations in their host country.

Widespread strikes at French universities have led to the cancellation of some or all of courses in which the Brown students have enrolled, according to the Brown Daily Herald. Of 24 students spending the term in Paris, 17 have had courses partially or completely cancelled.

French faculty have led strikes at many institutions during the past nine weeks to show their opposition to the Bologna Process in the standardization of higher education across Europe.

The strikes have ended at universities in Lyon, and Brown officials hope the strikes in Paris will end soon. Kendall Brostuen, Brown’s director of the Office of International Programs, said that Brown students can still expect to receive full academic credit for their overseas work.

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